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Annual Playwrights Horizons auction - only two days left to bid! [12 May 2012|05:57pm]
As most of you know, the theater company I work for holds an annual online auction to raise funds.  We work our butts off to put this auction together, so while I may be biased, I think it's one of the best auctions in town. We've got a range of items, from trips to signed scripts to fancy haircuts... we even have a microwave oven.  It's running through Monday, May 14  at 9 pm, and the 115 items  are definitely worth checking out. If you think, "I'd love to bid, but I can't afford it," please know that there are more than 20 items with opening or current bids of $100 or less, including:
* Focus Features DVD set
* Heidi Chronicles script signed by the late, great Wendy Wasserstein
* Signed "Smash"  poster
* Two tickets to "Million Dollar Quartet" (a better deal than TKTS at $100
* NY Philharmonic orchestra seats

And if you want to get fancy, there's:
* Tickets to Book of Mormon including a backstage visit and drinks with one of the writers
* Trips to London, Beverly Hills and Sun Valley that include airfare and fantastic places to stay
* Tickets to see "Red" in L.A. and meet Jonathan Groff backstage
* Behind-the-scenes  visits to GQ magazine and SELF Magazine
* A set visit to "30 Rock"

So check it out: www.biddingforgood.com/playwrightshorizons.  If you like what you see, tell your friends!  And even if you can't bid, please register as a bidder - it helps us to show our auction sponsors good numbers.  Thank you!!
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'Tis the Season [20 Dec 2011|01:26pm]
Last weekend, Jason and I were driving back to our home in Queens from a visit to my family on Long Island, and I stared out the passenger window into the night.  Along the side of the highway, every now and then there was a glimpse of a few houses, a block, a neighborhood.  And each time, there was a smattering of Christmas lights, everything from a candle in each window to white icicles hanging off a roof to a multicolored, full-house-and-yard bonanza.  Above it all was a low, full moon, not competing, but complementing the display.  And then as we neared home and Jason exited off the LIE and up the ramp to Greenpoint Avenue, there it was – the city skyline, appearing in full ahead of us as the exit ramp crested the hill.  In the mile or two before the exit, the city offers hints and glimpses around certain turns, but this is the moment it comes into full view, and inevitably, one of us will say fondly, "Hello, City."  The Empire State Building and the Crysler Building glowed white against the night, the UN building gleamed along the waterfront, the Citibank building in Long Island City tried to pretend it was part of it all, and numerous other unknown buildings contributed to the tableau.  It was magical.
Each year, my apartment building's super decorates our building, and the sister building next door, for Christmas.  In the lobby, it’s a bit overwhelming.  There is (and this is just from memory): a Christmas tree decked in lights and ornaments, a full manger scene beneath the tree, Christmas music playing from somewhere behind the tree, a menorah, a snowman parachuting down from the ceiling, two knee-high elves, stockings hanging from the fake fireplace, and other items I can’t remember.  In the courtyard between the two buildings is a giant, blow-up plastic “snowglobe” with a snowman inside, light-up candy canes, and lit up snowflakes in the trees. It’s all a bit much, although it's done with fun and even some elegance.  But the buildings themselves – more magic.  Each building is six floors, divided into two halves with a break in between.  The super lines each building in a line of white lights, so they’re four peaks against the sky – you can see it from all the way down on Queens Boulevard, a block and a half away. (Jason and I often joke that you can probably see it from space.)  Along the railing in front of each building, a line of blue lights.  And over each door, a wreath.  Each night as I get off the 7 train, come down the stairs, and reach the street, I look down my block and I see it glowing against the black sky, and it feels like it’s beckoning me home.
Perhaps what makes me so happy about the lights is the sheer neighborliness of it. No one says you have to put up lights, and there’s no monetary gain in it (in fact, it costs a lot to put up and maintain these displays, right?  I’m a nice Jewish girl, what do I know?).  I have no idea where or when the tradition started, but it doesn’t seem to have much basis in religion or Christ’s birth.  It’s a lot of work to put up lights on a house (not to mention a six-story building), and it feels like it’s done out of a pure impulse – to make something a bit prettier than it was before, to give something back to your visitors and neighbors, and to bring joy and silliness and even grace into this season when it gets colder and darker earlier. As an apartment-dweller and a Jew, I don't put up lights. As a kid, we put our electric menorah in the window and that was about it.  Now that my mom has married into a Christmas-celebrating family, I help put up the tree and decorate the house. In fact, wrapping garland and white lights around the bannister has been my personal job for years.  And I love that after all these years of the lights making me happy, I get to contribute to it a bit as well.

Happy (first night of) Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and my love and good thoughts and wishes to all of you for a very happy, healthy, joyous new year.
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Writer's Block: Father figure [21 Jun 2011|12:15pm]
What's the most memorable piece of advice your father has shared with you?

"Don't wish your life away."

When I was a kid, I thought he meant "don't spend all your time wishing."  But as I got older, I realized he meant that I should enjoy life as it happened and be present in my life, not constantly be wishing to be older, or for something to be over or rushed through (i.e., "I wish it was Friday already!" "I wish summer would get here!")  Given that my dad died relatively young at age 53, this advice has become even more important to me over the years.
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meme time! [03 Jun 2011|11:25am]
I haven't done a meme in a while, and I like the simplicity of this one...

Post a comment, and I will reply with a reason why I think you're great. It would be cool if you would post this same meme on your blog and comment for other people.
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questions questions questions [23 Mar 2011|02:51pm]
Thanks to petemosq for sending me a question! Here it is:

What made you pick the site you got married?

I'm guessing you mean the site of our ceremony - the arboretum. Well, we started by considering getting married in NYC, but it was cost-prohibitive. Both J and I grew up on Long Island, and we both still have family there, so we moved our search out there, and found the country club where we had our reception. We liked the homey feel of it, and they had a back porch where we could have the ceremony, but Jason didn't like the idea of getting married surrounded by a golf course. (He said he kept having visions of hearing "Fore!" during the ceremony and being hit in the head with a golf ball.) Someone at the site mentioned that just down the road was an arboretum where a lot of their couples did their wedding pictures. We went to check it out and fell in love with it. I really wanted to get married outside (weather permitting) and we both loved the more casual, natural atmosphere there. However, I was more wary of having our ceremony at the arboretum than Jason, since doing it there meant a lot more work - creating directions to two places, paying for our guests' parking fees, bringing in all of our own supplies (chairs, tables, etc.) And since we could only have 25 chairs, a lot of our guests had to stand. But it worked out beautifully - we had fantastic weather, and on the day of our wedding, it just felt right to be there, and I'm so glad we had it there.
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Chicago and Boston scene information [15 Mar 2011|02:53pm]
Hey, kinky friends...

In the past couple of weeks, I've gotten two inquiries from friends about the scene in other cities: Boston and Chicago. I don't know much about anywhere but NYC, so I'm asking the LJ braintrust here. What are the respectable groups in these places? What are the parties you'd recommend? I'm pretty sure that both people asking are new to the scene entirely, so are there any novice groups/meetings/parties you'd recommend?

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Question #2 [15 Mar 2011|02:31pm]
It's still Question Month! Ask me anything...

Question #2: What candies or other treats do you find hard to resist?

I mostly go for sweet before salty, although I like both. I love a good brownie, and almost any kind of cookie, especially chocolate chip. I'm nuts for rainbow cookies. And on the salty side, I just love a good potato chip, and I used to go crazy over puffy cheese doodles, but ever since I started Weight Watchers years ago, I pretty much gave those up. I just can't have those things in my house or I'd eat them in one sitting. For example, I love Girl Scout cookies (Thin Mints and Samoas), but I rarely buy them.
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Question month! [06 Mar 2011|11:28pm]
My first question! (Well, my second, but I'm taking more time to think about the first one...)

What's your guilty pleasure, when you have free time and don't feel like going out/having company?

That's easy. I absolutely love a "nothing day" - I try to get one in about once a month. That's pretty much a day where I stay in my pajamas and don't leave my apartment. I may do a few things, like straighten up or go through a pile of old magazines, but mainly I watch dumb tv (marathon of an old season of "America's Next Top Model" anyone? Hey, you said guilty pleasures!), read my way through the Sunday New York Times, and sometimes don't even answer my phone. I really need to do this every now and then to restore my sanity and maintain balance, but on the flip side, I can't do it too often or it makes me feel sluggish and depressed. One day is perfect.

March is still question month. Ask away!
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March is question month! (Or so they tell me) [04 Mar 2011|12:37pm]
March is Question Month here on LJ. (It's also my birthday month, which I consider equally, if not more, exciting.)

So feel free to ask me a question! No pressure, but if there's something you've wanted to ask, or are curious about, or just want to start a conversation... ask away. I can't promise I'll ask in return, as my question-creating abilities aren't the best, and my LJ time these days is limited. But I'd like to be posting more, and I like questions, so this seems like a good thing to do. I think my settings allow you to post anonymously, if you'd like.
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Come to TES on 2/16! [15 Feb 2011|10:37am]
Hey New Yorkers...

This Wednesday, February 16 at 8 pm, the Relationships Group at TES (run by myself and August) is presenting a new class by Mike S. Now, I want you all to come to ALL of the Relationships meetings (come on, there's only four a year!), but I'm really pushing you to go to this one because:

1. Mike S. is a really great presenter who hasn't presented in a while - don't miss this chance to see him in action. (People are STILL talking about his "Unleashing the Demon" class at TES Fest '06.)
2. This isn't a class topic you've seen or heard before. It's different and unusual, and will get you thinking about how you play in entirely new ways.
3. You get to see me there! :)

So here's the class. See you there!

"A Sadist's Guide to the Use of Empathy" with Mike S.

Empathy is a necessary part of the dark and treacherous terrain of intense S/M play. How does one truly see or know another, and how can that be exploited toward consensually sadistic ends? Are there risks? To whom? This class in simplest terms: "I see you. I feel you. And THAT..is how I am able to hurt you."
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Needing suggestions from the LJ brain trust [31 Jan 2011|12:03pm]
I'm a pop culture kind of girl. I love my movies, television shows, books, magazines. But I sort of fell down on the job when it comes to music. I like music, but I've never really known what was current, and it takes a lot to pull me out of my comfort zone: classic rock, 80s pop, Billy Joel, broadway musicals. I mainly listen to music when I'm in the car or at the gym.

All of this is to say that I could use suggestions for songs for my iPod shuffle, which I only use when I work out. I have about 40 songs on there right now, and they're the same songs I've had on there for at least two years. I am SO SICK OF THEM. (I love John Mellancamp, but if I hear "Little Pink Houses" or "Hurts So Good" one more time...)

So - good workout songs? My requirements are mainly that they be uptempo, fun, and have recognizable lyrics. I'm not big on dance music/techno or rap. Otherwise, I'm open to suggestions...
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Giving thanks [24 Nov 2010|12:19pm]
Every year at this time, I try to take some time to really reflect on what I'm thankful for. I am really so blessed, and when I get annoyed about the little things in the day-to-day, it can be easy to forget that.

I usually recount the big things, and I am so thankful for those: for Jason and the loving marriage and partnership we share; for the love I have in my life from family and friends, for the communities that embrace me, from the scene to my college gang to the theater world; for my good job that lets me work in an area I love and feel that I do a little good every day; for my health and functioning body; for my freedoms as a white woman living in America in 2010; for the roof over my head and food in my stomach; for the ongoing adventure of living in New York City.

But this year I also want to think about the little things. The ones I often overlook. So this year I'm thankful for:
* cheese fondue
* "The Hunger Games" books, which re-energized my love of reading this year
* cuddle time in bed in the mornings
* my comfy fleece sweater
* "Modern Family," which never fails to give me a few good laughs every week
* that my mom's surgery is only on her arm and not anywhere more serious
* Entertainment Weekly magazine
* two fantastic, insane cats
* all those times, like today, when I get a seat on the subway
* the three great women who work the desk at my Friday Weight Watchers meetings
* the new "Sunnyside" grafitti mural I get to see every day on my walk to and from the subway
* mini LED flashlights
* the song "Walking on Sunshine"
* my friend Jill's pregnancy
* chocolate chip cookies
* finding a haircut guy I really like
* finding the just-right pair of black shoes I needed
* diners
* The Sunday New York Times
* the view of the Empire State Building down 47th Ave as I walk home
* "Throwing Things" blog

And so much more. And to everyone who reads this - I'm thankful to have you in my life.
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Relationships SIG at TES - tonight! [28 Jul 2010|02:17pm]
Sorry for the late notice, but if you're in NYC, you won't want to miss this great class at TES tonight. Please join us!

You Don’t Just Do It Once: Ongoing Relationship Negotiation in Polyamory
with Corey Alexander
Initial negotiations are challenging enough, how do you continue to negotiate polyamorous relationships as they develop and shift? This class will offer tools for figuring out what you need, what has changed, what you want to change, and how to go about talking about that with your parter(s). It will also offer you specific tips for negotiating poly relationships as a non-primary partner, dealing with common conflicts in polyamory negotiation, addressing broken agreements and difficulties with trust, and adjusting your relationships as (all of) you change. This advanced interactive workshop is an intended follow up to Corey’s class What Do I Need Anyway? Relationship Negotiation From Ds to Poly, but can stand alone if you have not taken that class.
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Check out the Playwrights Horizons online auction! [21 Apr 2010|05:52pm]
I know, I haven't posted in ages. And this isn't a "state of the Sue" update, either, sorry to say. (Or maybe you're not sorry. That's okay.)

Anyway, I'm here to promote. For fundraising, my theater holds an online auction every year, and it always has a range of amazing items. There's more than 120 items online right now, so there's things at every price point, from baked goods for $20 to dinner with Stephen Sondheim for $5,000. Here's just a few favorites:
* See "A Behanding in Spokane" on Broadway and go backstage to meet Christopher Walken and Zoe Kazan
* Get a walk-on role in Chicago on Broadway, complete with rehearsal with the director and photo with the cast, and two tickets so your friends can see you in the show
* Go on set of "30 Rock" and hang out with the director while he films an episode
* Drinks with playwrights Theresa Rebeck and Marsha Norman
* Cupcake decorating lesson with Cupcake Cafe
* Tickets to "American Idiot" on B'way and dinner with director Michael Mayer
* trips to Ireland, Namibia and Argentina!
* three-month gym memberships to Equinox, NY Sports Clubs and Club H
* Rangers, Yankees, and (soon to be added), Giants tickets

There's lots of things you can bid on if you're not from NYC or not planning to be in the area, too. So check it out! (Please?) Only EIGHT days left until bidding ends!

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To all NYC Kinksters! [16 Nov 2009|03:29pm]
As many of you know, August and I are the Co-Facilitators of the Relationships SIG (Special Interest Group) at TES. We hold one meeting each quarter, and we're aiming to bring in some great presenters to talk about the wide, diverse range of Relationships topics.

So, I hope you'll come out this WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 18 to see:

“Because some things never change … and some things do” with Soulhuntre and Tatsumi
That quote sums up the complex interplay of some relationships well. For many of us our relationships with those we are close to cannot always be summed up in a single dynamic and changes over time. How do you decide what is being flexible, and what is compromising the core values you hold dear? Join Soulhuntre and his house for a wide open look / discussion at how messy, complex and ultimately simple it can get.

If you've ever seen Soulhuntre and/or Tatsumi present, you know they're both fascinating, engaging presenters. You won't want to miss this. So come on out to TES on Wednesday! It's at 260 West 36th Street (between 7th and 8th Avenues), 3rd Floor. Doors open at 7:30 pm, class begins at 8:00 pm. It's $4 for members/students/members of other SM organizations, and $8 for anyone else.

See you there!
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Three years! (And a day) [09 Oct 2009|03:23pm]
Yesterday, Jason and I celebrated our third anniversary. Three years ago (yesterday), we dressed up real nice, stood under the chuppah, and said our vows in front of family and dear friends. It was a beautiful, sunny, early October day, and it makes me happy to recall it every year on this day. It might also interest some of you to know that the third anniversary is the Leather Anniversary. :) We skipped getting each other anniversary presents (although Jason sent lovely flowers - my favorite, calla lillies - to me at work), but we plan to buy Jason some boots, which he definitely needs and wants, as a present for us.

It was very nice of TES to cancel their Board meeting last night so that Jason and I could spend the evening together with a very nice dinner at a place we hadn't tried yet in Sunnyside, followed by some very fun bedroom time involving rope, followed by a viewing of Project Runway. All in all, a wonderful evening.
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Research help [09 Sep 2009|03:26pm]
Who out there is really good with online research, or even old-fashioned, go-through-the-archives research? There's something I've been dying to find out for years, and just cannot get anywhere through internet searches. I'm looking for an obituary (or any information) on someone who died in 1995, and just can't get anywhere. I suppose I could take the extra step and sign up for one of those paid services, but I don't trust them. I've used google, bing, newspaper archives, etc. Any advice on where - or how - to look? I know the person's name, birthdate and death date, burial location, and last known city of residence.
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[11 Aug 2009|11:16am]
I have about a million things to post about. Things have been good, great, busy, crazy. We went on vacation (Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Syracuse, Long Island), celebrated Jason's bit 40th birthday in a bunch of ways (I owe him a post about Spa Castle), etc. But I'm planning yet another party this weekend (friend's baby shower at my place), my best friend is in town from L.A., work is insane, I have two pieces I want to write and submit for an anthology, and I've gotten to the gym once in the last month. So... things have not calmed down enough to write the posts that I'd like to write. (Or read the ones that I'd like to read. I'm way behind.)

So for now, if you're mourning John Hughes like I am, here's an awesome blog post you should read:

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Bid! Bid! Bid! [16 Apr 2009|10:43am]
Hi all,
I haven't been around much, here or in person, and I'm going to continue to be a ghost for the next couple of weeks. I got really sick this week (sore throat, fever), so I need to recover from that, but the main reason is that our annual gala at work is on Monday, April 27, and I'm going to be working a lot in preparation for that. (And then I'll need to recover from THAT. So April is pretty much a wash at this point.)

Speaking of the gala... part of the way we fundraise for my theater in association with the gala is by holding an online auction. I know people aren't feeling that wealthy right now, but there's lots of fantastic items, and some of them haven't even been bid on yet, so they're a steal. So check it out - there's theater tickets with backstage meetings with actors, sports events, drinks and dinners with celebrities, trips, museum tours, some great baked goods, consultations with designers, even a photo session for your pet. (I personally think that taking a trapeze lesson with Jonathan Groff, star of Spring Awakening and last summer's version of Hair, and a truly nice guy, is one of our best items. And I can vouch that all of the baked goods - from the winners of the annual PH Bakeoff - are excellent and so worth it.) There's several items not limited to NYC, so you can bid from anyhere. There's even two nights at a fancy Boston hotel and two round-trip tickets on the Limoliner bus between NYC to Boston on for all of you who often go between those cities.

There are still lots of items going for under $100. So while I rarely push personal causes here, since this is something where everyone can benefit - check it out!

Bidding ends April 23. Bidding for about half the items will end online that day; the other half will continue bidding in the room at our gala on April 27, but you can enter an absentee bid to keep competing.

Here's a link to the auction:

And here's a link to a Time Out article about the auction that summarizes some of the best items:
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Questions #2 and #3 [09 Mar 2009|03:17pm]
It's still Question Month!

Do you think anyone else from HS turned out to be "one of us?"
Oh, I totally do, but I don't think I could point out one or two specific people. We hung out with people who prided themselves on being different in some way, and I'd bet that a few (more) of those radio station and/or theater people have at least dabbled in bdsm in private, if not become a part of the public scene. However, I tend to be a bit naive about these things, and probably would be shocked - the way I was the day I ran into you at a TES meeting on Bond Street! - if I ever ran into any of them in a scene setting. (I admit, I wondered briefly if this question was less of an innocent question and more of a "Do you know what I know?" question. You'd know more about it than I would, I'm sure!)

When did you first realize how badly you want me?
Well I did say to ask me anything.... Let's just say it was longer ago than you probably think. :)

March is still question month! So ask me anything, either here or <url=http://redhead-sue.livejournal.com/159214.html>here</url>(where I think I've now screened comments, but feel free to ask anonymously if you want).
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